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  • Play the Candidates at Guess Chess
    The most anticipated tournament of the year is here and in Guess Chess you will be able to follow the games and play at the same time in our move […]
  • FIDE Chess Rapid, second test in Guess Chess
    Our debut at the recent FIDE World Championship in Dubai was more convulsive than we would have liked, but it was very useful to improve our game. On the one […]
  • First games available in Guess Chess
    All users can now register for the first game of the FIDE World Championship, which will also feature $496 in prize money for the top five finishers.
  • FIDE World Championship Dubai 2021: Catching up and final preparations
    Challenger Ian Nepomniachtchi will have the advantage of the first move when the FIDE World Championship begins on November 26th.
  • Welcome to Guess Chess
    It is our pleasure to present Guess Chess – a chess-based skill game where you make live predictions for the Grandmasters’ moves, starting with the best: Carlsen and Nepomniachtchi’s duel at the Dubai World Championship.