How does Guess Chess work?

Guess, score points and win money. Guess Chess allows you to test your chess knowledge and compete against other players to evaluate your skill.

We are aware that this is a completely innovative concept. But trust us, once you learn how it works, you’ll love it. For you to fully understand the dynamics of Guess Chess, you just have to assimilate the following keys.

Predict the next move

What do you think the master’s next move will be? Join any game and make your prediction on the board. Simply drag the piece you want and send the move. Once the master makes the move, the platform will solve the result of your prediction.

Score points with your successes

If you get a prediction right, you score as many points as the number of seconds it took the master to think of his move. It doesn’t matter if you predict the move one second or one minute earlier. But be careful, if you fail your prediction, you will receive a penalty of 50 points.

Climb the leaderboard and win prizes

You will compete with other users in a general leaderboard where, the one who manages to score the most points, will win. In addition, in many games, you will find prizes for the most skilful players!


Sequences of movements

In Guess Chess you can not only make individual (half-move) predictions, you can also dare with sequences of moves! If you get the whole sequence right, of any length, you will add up the corresponding points for each move and multiply the result by the number of moves that make up the sequence.

Strategy, as in chess, is vital. At all times you must decide the risk and reward of your prediction because, if you are wrong, you will also lose points.

There are bonus points moves!

Some moves, because of their special importance in the games, carry a points bonus if you get the prediction right. The moves that include bonuses can be found marked in blue on the move sheet of each game.

Are you ready?

If you want to venture into your first game and start making your predictions, check out the list of games and start competing.

Frequently Asked Questions


Absolutely! Guess Chess matches can be played for free. In the future, we might implement paid tournaments with entry fees. But one step at a time :).


Of course. Chess Engines calculate the best possible moves according to the state of play, however Grandmasters can often opt for a different strategy. Use of Chess Engines therefore does not impact the smooth running of Guess Chess.

can i modify a play prediction i’ve already made?

Yes. When you have made a prediction, the cancel button will become available for you to cancel your guess. Bear in mind, though, that the Master may make their move during the short time it takes your action to reach our servers.

is it possible to play multiple matches at once?

Yes, no problem. At Guess Chess, you can play as many simultaneous games as you see fit. However, for the moment you can only register once per game.

do i win more points if i make my predictions in advance?

No. Points are calculated by taking into account the time it takes each player in the game to make the move. Whether they make the move one second after your prediction, or one minute, the points you win will be the same.

why is a time delay applied to placing bets?

To preserve the integrity of the competition, Guess Chess will sometimes implement a time delay between the player submitting the move and the move being made official. This is to prevent players who, for example, are watching the game in person from gaining an advantage.


No. The only thing that will be taken into account at the end of the game to determine the winners is their position in the leaderboard – the winner might even have a negative score! Provided that the rest of the players have fewer points, of course.

Still having doubts?

If you still have any doubts about how Guess Chess works, you can find the complete rules on the following button.

Of course, if you wish, you can contact us and we will be happy to help you.